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the MINT. podcast



That's the heart behind each episode of Mint. We dive deep into God's Word and apply it to real life situations so that you will be prepared to run the race of faith well. In addition, each show will give practical next steps you can take to get strong and be ready for whatever life throws at you.

Strong and immovable faith doesn't happen by accident. It's the result of training ourselves in the wisdom of the Bible. Now more than ever, we need to prepare for what lies ahead. Let's do this faith journey together!



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Meet the Mint Podcast Team:

Annie Ramirez

Annie Ramirez


Annie is the organizational glue that holds the Mint. Podcast together. She sees the big picture and brings a passion for excellence and truth to the table. Annie is also our resident tech expert and records, edits and uploads all of our episodes. Annie is a podcast guru and has a true servant’s heart. She is married and has 3 beautiful kids.