it isn't fair!

it isn’t fair…

It isn’t fair!

Do you know how many times I have said that phrase?

Too many times.  

As a kid, I remember righteous indignation boiling to the surface and spilling out of me when I faced an injustice.  


It isn’t fair! I would yell as I stomped my foot.


Usually, it was over something as important as who got the last piece of candy: me or my little brother. You know, life-changing stuff like that.


Guess what my parents would say in response?


Life isn’t fair, Minta.


In other words: get over it. Don’t expect things to be fair here on earth because they are not and never will be.

Isn’t that the truth?

Even though I know life isn’t fair, I still struggle with wanting fairness.


This year in particular, I have seen unfairness more than any other year of my life. And I have repeated that phrase “life isn’t fair” over and over in my mind as I try to make peace with our circumstances. It helps a little, but I found a verse that helps me even more:


Psalm 97:1-2, “The Lord is king! Let the earth rejoice! Let the furthest coastlands be glad. Dark clouds surround him. Righteousness and justice are the foundations of his throne.”


As I lean into God’s Word, I read over and over that he is righteous and just. In other words, God redefines fairness. When I want to complain about something that feels unfair, I can trust him because of who he is. He is righteous, which means morally perfect and without sin, and he is just, which means that he restores what was wronged and gives back what was stolen. God’s righteousness and justice are better than my idea of “fairness.”

One day, when Christ returns, there will be sweet justice and righteousness. I won’t have to worry about fairness anymore! Until that day, I need to rest in his promises and release my need for immediate fairness, trusting that eternal justice will be much better.


And not only for me, but for all people. The world is full of injustice and unfairness, and it seems to be getting exponentially worse. It’s scary the evils that are being committed against certain people groups and my heart hurts for the level of pain and persecution they face on a daily basis. My trials pale in comparison. And while I believe we should work with diligence and urgency to bring them immediate relief, I also wait with great anticipation for the day when Christ shall come, bringing with him the heavenly armies to impart justice.


I still say life isn’t fair, but I’ve added my own spin:

Life isn’t fair, but God is righteous and just.


Friends, is there a situation in your life that isn’t fair? Are you wrestling with the injustice of it? I encourage you to pray and lay it at the Savior’s feet, trusting him to handle the outcome. He is righteous and he is just. He sees you and he can sustain you through any unfair circumstance. 

As always, I love hearing from you. Send me an email or comment on the blog and I will get on my knees for you. Let’s do this faith journey together.




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