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about this week…

Have you ever had one.of.those.weeks?

The really crazy, busy, nothing goes as planned weeks?

The I’m so tired my coffee needs coffee weeks?

I’ve had that kind of a week. And I need a hug.

I’m not surprised though, because it happens every year at this time.

FOOTBALL SEASON. More specifically, football practice starts for my hubby (the coach) and practice schedule goes to infinity and beyond.

It’s exciting and exhausting all at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE football at this house. It’s just that every year, I think I am ready for it to start and it turns out, I’m not.

You know how I know I wasn’t ready this year? My attitude wasn’t awesome.

I had too many moments of frustration (why did I think it was a good idea to have four kids?), moments of anxiety (how am I going to get everything done?), and moments of …resentment (it’s not fair he gets to live his dream and I’m stuck at home with all the work).

That’s the ugly truth. I’m so sorry, family. I fall so short every day.

Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am for grace?

This week was tough: I didn’t get to shower, eat any meals sitting down, sleep or write. I was crabby because someone always needed something (I got interrupted 8 times trying to write this little post). Yesterday, I threw away my to-do list because it was obviously not getting done and stressing me out.

This week it is not about me or my agenda. God has a plan for our family and right now, that means I get the privilege of supporting my awesome spouse and putting my stuff on hold.


I don’t even want it to be about me.

But it’s so hard for my organized personality to lay down my plan.

Yesterday during my devos, I read Proverbs 16. Verse 9 says, “we can make our own plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”


It was the correction I needed to remind me to surrender everything to God and his agenda. To be content with what he has for me instead of what I want to accomplish. So I prayed exactly that, and I felt peace for the first time all week. I am so thankful for the POWER of the Word to fix me if I am obedient to read it with a humble heart.

Friends, God is so good and he meets us when we come to him in all of our brokenness…like on the “I fall so short” days. Thank you Jesus.

In my last blog, I wrote about laying down my own agenda and trading it for God’s…and this week I needed to take some of my own medicine. It’s not easy, but his plan is good and I’m thankful for his plan and provision.

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Let’s do this faith journey together…join me as I chase Jesus with reckless abandon. We aren’t meant to do it alone. Let’s read the Word together, pray for each other, and be real about where we have opportunities to grow. I’d love to hear from you so comment below!


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